Press Release


Everyone on the radio sings perfectly, right? Perhaps not. For as much as everyone wishes they could be the next Adele, they might want to give it a second thought. Singing is not a joke – it’s hard and damaging if not done correctly. This clinic will explain and demonstrate the correct singing techniques of various styles. Not only will there be applications for the audience members to become better singers themselves, but there will also be fantastic performances and free food to follow!

Abigail Moran has studied voice for many years with Professor Kathy Ahearn at the University of Mary Washington. She has studied the physical anatomy of the throat and best practices of many different genres and can expand the horizons of vocal understanding.

This clinic and performance will pull the curtain back on performers and explain many misconceptions about singing. Audiences will walk away with more knowledge of themselves and their singing capabilities than ever before. UMW is excited to host and present such an intuitive and valuable vocal workshop!


After the mic is dropped and curtain closes performers want to leave a great impression on the audience. Not much thought is given to other effects that could be left behind by years of performances, effects such as vocal damage. Before a performance singers will spend countless hours preparing their music and making sure every aspect is perfect. It is easy to only focus on certain performance aspects but forget to maintain healthy singing techniques. Singing with improper technique can not only make singers tired over time, but also cause permanent vocal damage. Using medical and qualitative research as the backbone of the argument, correct singing techniques will be demonstrated and best practices will be introduced. In addition, many historical and theoretical points will be made in respect to each genre in order to inform and denote the important separations between the styles.