Performance Reflection


Seminar Presentation Reflection

In the midst of preparing for my presentation I didn’t find myself to be very anxious. I got caught up in the research and creation aspects of the presentation, so I was a bit stressed when the presentation day started to approach. I have done countless recitals, performed and given many presentations and speeches so I wasn’t concerned about that. What worried me the most was how the two components would combine. I used as many resources as possible to prepare my materials, but I found the writing center to be unhelpful and my speaking center consultation to be rushed and brief. I practiced multiple times over the course of the semester and ended up cutting my presentation down from an hour and fifteen minutes to forty minutes. I knew that going into it I would have to talk slower than I had practiced and speak more clearly, but other than that I felt ready and prepared the presentation day.

While presenting I felt confident on the topic. I knew every detail of the research and the flow of slides by memory. I felt kind of rushed in the moment because I knew I would be too long to begin with and I had so much material to cover. I tried to hold myself with good posture and explain concepts clearly. I felt the performances went very well even though I was worried about the initial combination of the speech and recital. Afterward I was glad to finish, but I also felt accomplished and proud.

Watching the recording after the fact was a bit of a wake up call. For as slowly as I had known I needed to speak, I hadn’t. Granted, there was a lot of material I wanted to cover, but I was speaking incredibly quickly. One positive note was that I did cover all of the material and make clear points. In retrospect I could have also formatted the beginning of the research with interspersed performances to keep the audience engaged. The biggest issue I had was with how quickly I spoke. I realize now that I should have cut out a lot more information than I did to keep the presentation succinct. It also if I had spoken more slowly it would have helped decrease the number of fillers and “ums” I had in my presentation. Overall, I still feel very accomplished and proud of the subsequent result.